Prices at different retail sales points may differ due to country of sales, duties / taxes and freight charges.

We charge US$ 30 for the 1st outfit and then add US$ 8 for each additional outfit in order.

Please email us the design # you like on our Facebook group and we will tell you its price as well as how to order it online.

We use DHL & FedEx both services subject to the destination custom suitability to send all our shipments for prompt and timely deliveries / clearance.

We take 4 to 6 weeks for the production of an order + 3-4 days for transit time through DHL or FedEx.

In case of change in color from the original outfit shade, we always try to match the shade but matching is absolutely not guaranteed. Also in case of change in styling, we do not guarantee if the change will not look good upon receipt.